Counterparts: Photographic Beginnings

David Small

My interest in photography began in my teens and developed while serving with the Army of Occupation, in Paris.  There, I learned darkroom techniques (from a POW) and went on to become a Stars & Stripes photographer.  Back in New York, I attended the School of Modern Photography, and went into the field commercially, for a time.  It was quite a few years later that I returned to photography, mainly as a creative outlet.


Annie W. Small

Though having a certain artistic bent, it was after 30 years of marriage to a "real" photographer that I found my niche, as a photographic artist.  It happened on a New England island, my Polaroid in hand and the usual vacation snapshots in mind.  Instead, a "double take" look at the kind of wondrous detail my eye had long been drawn to led to my first "instant" successes, and, two years later, my first one-person show.

We have shown our work jointly in several Counterparts exhibits in our local area
(Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY), as well as individually, in various venues.


Theater of the Streets            Pictures at an Exhibition

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